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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Grow and go Green in Athens

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Athens seems to be one polluted concrete block but the city is greener than it appears at first glance. People share they part for the protection of the natural environment by growing plants and trees on their balconies or rooftops, some bines almost taking over the whole building. 

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The old park jewel of center Athens is naturally National Botanical Gardens (Εθνικός Κήπος), but there has been also very popular park renovations by the city and by some nature loving people. The list is endless: Attiko parko, Lycabettus Hill, Pedion Areos, Strefi Hill, Kessariani, Floisvos Park, Ymittos, Penteli, Pamitha National Park, Coudi Park, Vouliagmeni Lake, Marathonas and Diomidis Botanical Garden... Almost all of them free of charge to use and enjoy by everyone.

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The greenery does not just stay at the parks. Leading companies operating in Attica are slowly doing changes in their policies in order to reduce their carbon footprint. It can save them some money, give them advantage on marketing or lift up their image as a company. 

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Policies of big companies are  far away from one person´s everyday life but there are a lot we can do e.g. using ecologically friendly mass transportation system when it is possible. After all, respect and living green for the environment is an important aspect of culture heritage in Athens. 

Grow and go Green!
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