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Monday, November 21, 2011

Paradise for a homesickness

Every foreigner around the world knows the days when they are ready to make whatever it takes to get that specific bar of chocolate, box of cereals or jar of fruit jam from their home country. There is a very special pilgrimage to greater Athens you can do on those days. It only takes an hour from the downtown, two busses and little walking, and Sim Sala Bim you are there! The biggest Dimitrios Thanopoulos super market (Greek: ΔΗΜΗΤΡΙΟΣ ΘΑΝΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ) is etymologically in the heavens above of Athens in Nea Erithrea.

Copyright 2011 Jan

There you can find shelf after self stocked with quality brand products from all over the world (mainly from UK and USA). Beverages, jams, chocolates, candies, chips, dips, sauces, meats, cheeses, berries... all that your heart desires and makes you feel a bit better again. I even found some products from tiny little Finland from there! Well, that´s something, even I found these two exported items quite funny choices. I could have given my right arm easily for example to get some Karl Fazer chocolate, Halvas´ salty liqourice or fresh berries from Finland, but never mind.

Copyright 2011 Jan

Of course this personal salvation has its cost like everything in this life. Most of the heavenly products are pretty pricy, but the owner of this supermarket chain knows the secret. When a foreigner is wounded by a homesickness the price is not an issue. All I am saying is that try to keep your head straight with your budget while strolling between the shelves of the super paradise. Now we are just left into the darkness waiting for this sight to be included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


  1. Hi Jan, there is also a "Super B" supermarket directly at the Kifisiá Elektrikos (Metro) Station (last stop of the green line), no walking, just cross the street and you are there. If you want, we can go there someday :)
    Filakia, Annika

  2. Thanks for the tip Annika. Sure, we can do that! :)