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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christmas is cancelled?

During this Christmas holidays there are probably more homeless and poor people in Athens than 70 years ago after German occupation. New people join them every day. For example outside the soup kitchen of the Aghia Triada church in Piraeus you can witness more and more poor people lining up for some food and handouts.

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Many people in Greece had already a yearly tradition to give some food, clothes and Christmas gifts to churches, orphanages and hospitals. Especially this year it is easy to say “how do we give anything out of nothing”, but stop for a minute and think if your Christmas would be cancelled this year? 

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No home, no loved ones, no food or expensive luxury like Christmas presents or decorations. Isn´t there few coins, cans of food or good old clothes you could give away to make someone´s Christmas more human this year? Isn´t the Christmas spirit all about giving, sharing and fulfilled dreams, after all?

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I decided to give a  small donation this Christmas to the poor and homeless people of Athens. I challenge you to reach out your hand, too, and put the good word about this Christmas challenge around to your circle of friends and loved ones. Even a small donation to the charity can be received as a true Christmas miracle by someone in need.

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Your next chance is in November 19th from 12.00 p.m. to 16.00 p.m. During that time Atenistas help to collect food and medicines to those in need at the Thon building in Ambelokipoi (intersection of Alexandras Avenue and Kifissias Avenue, nearest metro stop is Ambelokipoi). 

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