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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Park Makeover

Who says there are no nice, large and luscious parks in Athens? After two years of intensive therapy and a successful makeover a totally transformed Pedion tou Areos Park is finally revealed to the public eye. 

Copyrigh 2011 Jan
Nice day out begins from the main entrance of the park where is an equestrian statue of King Constantine. 

Copyright 2011 Jan
The park is breathtakingly beautiful with 1 200 new trees, 2 000 rose bushes and more then 50 000 other flowers and plants. 

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The huge park hides an Avenue of Greek Independence War Heroes, not one but two Orthodox churches, delicious marble and granite dominated landscaping and serene ponds. 

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There are plenty of places to sit down for a perfect picnic hidden from sometimes chaotic traffic from the downtown of Athens. The temperature inside the park in the summertime can be almost five degrees less than city around it making it a leafy oasis of Athens. 

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When the night falls it is still pretty safe to take a stroll in the park. It is very well lit and under a close surveillance of security guards. 

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Open from sunrise to dusk. At the intersection of Patission and Alexandras Avenue.


  1. Reported counting and numbers of Total plantation is UNTRUE.
    Prof.Scientists have reported that because of the presence of building materials, the contribution of the Pedio Areos park to the Athenian environment is minimal or none.

    “Pedio Areos” Forest Historical Park in CENTRAL ATHENS Greece.

    During the reckless execution of these works trees have been cut down previously and never have been replaced in order to give the advantage and free space in concreting where marble curbs have been replaced by low cost concrete curbs and Outdoor Post Lanterns supported by massive marble base have been replaced by low cost concrete base Lanterns.
    A quite extensive area according to the DFD drawings already has been covered with concreting { 6.000 cubic meters of reinforced concrete elements }and marble tiles ( ¼ of the Total area ) with high thickness contrary to the obligations of non involvement in actions of filling and damaging with building materials the porous layers of the soil, for. ex (European Guidelines for Soil Strategy and Management COM 2006/232 – COM2006/231), contrary also to the announcements in public and promises of the High-Prefect of the city of Athens & Piraeus (Υπερνομάρχης), that not even a cubic meter of concrete will be poured and that the access road network of the park will be covered with earth following also the grounds of the “Supreme State Court” of the Suspension’s Commission.
    In reality the forest scarcity value of the resource is ignored and completely violated ever since. In the meantime construction works continue to be executed without an authorized permission by the Forest Department and to the disclaim and refusal of the “ “Management” to issue the acts of reforestation and demolition of the concrete building elements.

  2. Thank you for your interesting insight to the renovation of the Park.

    What would you say are true counting and numbers of total plantation in the new Park?