This is an exciting project of finding the heart of Athens from the concrete jungle.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lovely Athens

The Parthenon (Παρθενών) is a temple in the Athenian 
Acropolis, dedicated to the Greek goddess Athena.

Copyright 2011 Jan
Bustling Athens, the capital of Greece, is everything from majestic past to quirky present. From lively little backstreets to giant archeological park downtown it offers you very unique and surprising experiences. You can find yourself from a little music filled tavern, climbing up to Parthenon, shopping in a conveniently big mall or tanning yourself on the beach. Athens has it all.
One of the thousands of relaxed little taverns
in Athens is inviting you to have fun, relax and
having a taste of famous and amazing Greek 

cuisine. Copyright 2011 Jan

This city is most liveliest after dark. It transforms to a giant living room of fun-loving Athenians. It is hip and traditional, folksy and sophisticated, fun and tiring with good food and strong drinks forming an intoxicating effect of Mediterranean magic.

You will fall head over heels to Athens or pack your bags and never look back. It is a giant breathing and vibrantly growing concrete jungle with heart hidden in ancient hospitality. Athens is one of the unforgettable experiences of a lifetime.

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