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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Once upon a time they Googled Athens

I just had a great day out with some of my friends from Athens. They are all positive, confident, open-minded and social people and we always have fun where ever we go. 

Meet Andreea, Mara and Ligita and see some of our virtual mini-art gallery with five photos.
Copyright 2011 Jan

This time we were about to see some of the hip Athens Photo Festival 2011 exhibitions. We actually saw some of them but more likely ended up as a part of Google Maps Transit Athens campaign. 

As you can see we ended up messing with a cool Google team winning some Google gifts and doing our own exhibition of "art" instead. 


Copyright 2011 Jan


  1. Nice idea you had. very funny! :))

  2. Hi!

    Thanks! I think it´s the company that makes the ideas good. :)

  3. Of course it's the company! We're awesome - google us! :D And leave a pin!

  4. Hi!

    I saw you using my pin. It suits your wall very well, Miss M.

    And, yes, indeed it´s all about your "parea". I hope more and more people to join us. :)