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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Say "NO!" in Athens on Friday

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Ochi Day (Greek: Επέτειος του «'Οχι») is a historical anniversary of the simple word "no". It is celebrated each year on 28th of October and it is a national holiday in Greece.

Greeks are very proud of this specific day in their history. It is a day from the year 1940 when General Ioannis Metaxas replied strongly “no” to Mussolini´s request to allow troops to come into Greece and occupy some strategic locations in the country or face the war. Prime Minister Metaxas not only rejected Italy´s ultimatum but he chose the resistance as a dictator. The very same day is also remembered as a date when Greece entered into the World War II.

In Athens Ochi Day means outstanding military parade with music, soldiers, marching students and Greek flags on the spirit of one morning on 28th of October 1940 when all the people took over the streets of Greece shouting “No!”. The parade is passing by the Hellenic Parliament building on Amalias Avenue.

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