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Monday, February 14, 2011

Impeccable metro system

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Athens metro system is fast, clean, safe and easy to use. Slowly expanding network has at the moment three lines to choose. Green line 1 (Kifissia-Piraeus), red line 2 (Agios Antonios-Agios Dimitrios) and blue line 3 (Athens International Airport-Egaleo). Metro is open from 05.30 a.m. until around midnight - when employees are not striking.

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Probably blue line is most known by tourists since it’s the fastest and cheapest (8 €) way to reach downtown of Athens from the airport. On the other hand all of the major sightseeing’s in the city are located nearby metro stations, like Akropoli by the red line. 

Vending machine (old prizes, though). 
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You can get tickets from vending machines or booths. Ticket fares are: 1,5 hour 1,40 €, 24-hours 4 €, 3 days 15 € and 7 days 14 €. Purchased tickets are valid after validation on all of the metro lines. All of the tickets are valid to buses, trolleybuses, trams and suburban railway (between Piraeus, Magoula and Koropi stations) as well. 

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Getting caught without a ticket by inspectors costs you 60 times the price of a standard ticket. Reduced prices are only for persons over the age of 65, below the age of 18 or students of Third Degree Faculties or Universities of abroad, up to the age of 25. Children under the age of 6 travel for free. 

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Moving inside the stations is easy because all of the signs are in both scripts and very well located. There are also plenty of maps on the stations and trains. Approximately 650,000 passengers use the metro lines on a daily basis. You can always ask for directions from friendly co-passengers if you feel unsure of where to go. 

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Before hopping on one of the best metro systems in Europe you can hang around for a while listening music played on the Athens metro stations here.


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