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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kolonaki, The bold and the beautiful of Athens

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Kolonaki (Greek: Κολωνάκι) means literally ”little column” and it can still be found from the main Kolonaki Square (its official name is Plateia Filikis Etaireias, but its never really used by Greeks). 

You can find this wealthy and chic neo-classical style neighborhood right next to Ambelokipoi, Exarchia, Syntagma and southwest slopes of Lykavittos Hill. Kolonaki has two metro stations, Evangelismos and Megaro Mousikis. Easiest way to get there by feet is to get off on Evangelismos metro station.

Kolonaki has always been the place where the old money lies and it has become an adjective for rich in Athens. Nowadays it´s also a place for new in-town rich, yuppies, aristocratic old ladies, embassy workers, tourists from nearby five star hotels and some serious fashion victims. 

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One very good idea is to rent a furnished studio apartment instead of a hotel room and have your little Athenian elite adventure here. Main hobby being shopping. Area is packed with high-end boutiques, jewellery shops, art galleries and other services from Greek to international designers. 

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Go for example to Voukourestiou street and make even Marilyn Monroe jealous with your new diamonds or to Tsakalof street to do some Sex and the City with your new shoes. 

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Some of the best private museums of the country are found here, The Benaki Museum and The Museum of Cycladic Art. Across the street of Vasilissis Sofias avenue you can find The War Museum and The Byzantine and Christian Museum. All worth of visit! Tip of the day is to have a coffee break in a delightful café in the tiny inner yard of Benaki Museum. 

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When the night falls Kolonaki is the place for ever-fashionable fun time out. People (and most of the Greek celebrities) are sitting out on one of the zillions of expensive bars, cafés and restaurants sipping their frappé coffees and cocktails or dining out. The cool youngsters occupy the bars on Skoufa, Haritos and Ploutarhou. 

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Atmosphere in Kolonaki is lively, nice and creates sometimes even kind of international out-of-Athens feeling. You are like fish in the water if you want to go out, drink few cocktails and show-off your newest bling blings. 

Στην υγειά σας (In Greek: for your health = Cheers)!

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