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Thursday, March 24, 2011

When the almond tree blossoms

You can see small almond trees blossoming all over the city now. It is the sure sign of spring in Athens but like everything in Greece the tree holds its hidden story.

Copyright 2011 Jan
In Greek mythology there is the Queen of Thrace, Phyllis, who thinks her lover will never return again. They had arranged to be married, but before the marriage ceremony could take place, Demophon was recalled to Athens for the funeral of his father. She waits for her fiancée to arrive over promised time and finally in despair commits suicide. 

The Gods are so moved by her love, that they transform her into an almond tree. Eventually her lover returns and finds only a little tree. He embraces it and it starts to blossom beautifully, and becomes an ageless symbol for constancy in love and eternal hope.
Copyright 2011 Jan

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